Strasbourg 2012 SGS session on education for health

Chateau Klingenthal SGS 2012 Session on Education for Health,

It is worldwide known that health is the most precious wealth.


Children and youth are the most vulnerable groups of population,

They need empowerment for health through continuous education.


Beyond ideas of right and wrong thinking there is a field to share,

A broad challenging field of creativity, we should all meet there.


Many causes of disease and ways to create health are unknown,

Somewhere, something incredible is still waiting to be known.


New global health promotion concepts we spread everywhere,    

We are rich as much as others enrich by our knowledge to share,


We tackle the social determinants to reduce health inequalities,

Initiate inter-sectoral cooperation to include health in all policies.


We tend to design new approaches and programs by our creation,

Experience and wisdom is the greatest gift to another generation.


Educated healthy people for the future is our goal and real price,

Discovery isn’t always seeking new land but seeing with new eyes.


Knowledge for healthy life protects the one’s health like a dome,

The strength of each nation derives from integrity of the home.


From early childhood the healthy habits we induce and feature,

Every child grows, in school everything depends on the teacher.


Education for health and health promotion are powerful tools,

Pupils require healthy choices and health promoting schools.


Healthy eating habits and safe food, physical activities and sport,

Good social networks for emotional and practical social support.


To reduce tobacco smoking and harmful alcohol consumption,

Violence and injuries, STDs, obesity and drug use prevention.


Teachers open the door, but each one must enter by oneself,

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.


To protect health each one needs knowledge and taking action,

For moving the quality of life forward for personal satisfaction.


The life is a school and each one is obliged for lifetime to learn,

To approach problems which appear and dissolve each concern.


Let’s create light for every shadow and relief for every sorrow,

Each one who has health, has hope and everything for tomorrow.


We are all educators for health, each one in his/her own way,

We know, the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.


Priority settings for health promotion the schools should become,

The Foundation Goethe has great impact for generations to come.


Strasbourg,                                     Prof. Doncho Donev,

June 10, 2012                                 Republic of Macedonia